Born in Llíria (Valencia). Began studies in Solfege and learnt to play the horn with his father. Joined the Banda Primitiva in his native town.  Followed by formal studies in the Conservatorio de Valencia with D. Miguel Falomir.  After examinations joined the Orquesta Sinfónica de Bilbao where he played first horn.  Thereafter continued his studies with the horn in the Conservatorio “Juan Crisóstomo Arriaga”, finishing with highest qualifications.  Further extended his studies with Profesor Michael Höltzel. In 1971 by competitive examinations became soloist of the Gran Teatro de la Ópera del Liceo de Barcelona and of the Banda Municipal of the same city Regularly collaborated with the Orquesta “Ciudad de Barcelona”. From 1977 until 2001 was horn player of the Orquesta de Valencia.During his training in chamber music with an orchestra he formed the Cuarteto Internacional “Les Cors”, the Cuarteto “ Ciudad de Barcelona” and the Cuarteto de horns “Valencia”.  Founded the Quinteto “Arts”, soloist of the Liceo. As soloist performed with the Orquesta del Conservatorio de Bilbao, the Cámara de Barcelona and Orquesta de Valencia and similar concerts throughout Spain.  Formed a duet with his brother Gómez de “Edeta”. Different works especially written for the horn and alpine horn have been dedicated to him, accordingly, he was the first to have interpreted them in the various concertos for the horn. In his long professional trajetory he has performed with the best directors at that time, as much operatic as symphonic. As music teacher, he can mention many of his students who became professional musicians.Made recordings with Radio Bilbao and in the Sala Fénix de Madrid for Radio Nacional. As director, conducted the Bandas de Alginet with whom obtained first prize in the competition Certamen de Cullera and the Banda de Ribarroja del Túria with whom won first prize in Altea.  Also conducted the Banda Municipal de Jaén and the Conservatorio de Bilbao.  A honorary director of the Filarmónica de Villarreal. Presently is director of the Banda Unión Musical de Ribarroja and the Orquesta de Plectro “El Micalet” de LLíria as well as teacher at the Conservatorio de Música “José Iturbi” of Valencia.

Boards of directors
Presidente ------------------- Miguel Gómez Gómez
Vicepresidente --------------
Jose Veses Barona
Secretaria --------------------
Asunción Sabater Morató
Vicesecretaria ----------------
Maria Jesús Ruiz Martí
Relaciones Públicas ---------
Carmen Veses Faubel
Vocal Orquesta --------------
Salvador Viadel Dembilio
Vocal Orquesta --------------
Crispín Martinez Castellano
Vocal Centro -----------------
Andrés Veses Faubel
Vocal administrador --------
Federico Sorlí Carrasco
Vocal mantenimiento ------
Miguel Valero Aguilar