Founded in 1956 by D.Manuel Gómez Martínez.  Created for various instruments of the mandolin family, mandolin , lute , lute tenor, superlute guitar and base guitar, complementing with percussion. Took part in Festivales Internacionales V and VIII de Música de Mahon (Menorca), participated in XVII Festival de Europeade in Schawalmstadt (Alemania).  In 1984 celebrated the commemoration of the 25th Anniversary of its foundation.  To celebrate the 750th Anniversary of the Reconquer of Valencia, a concert was held in the Casa Regional de Valencia in París.  In 1993 obtained First Prize in the First Competition of the Orquestas de Plectro “Ciudad de Canals” and did a tour of concerts in the Valais, Switzerland.  In 1994 performed in the Sala “A” del Palau de la Música de Valencia, was the first group of this character to have played there. In 1997 performed with the Orquesta de Valencia which was conducted by the prestigous Maestro Sr. D. Enrique García Asensio.  Similarly, performed in the Palau with the Orquesta de la Universidad de Valencia in homage to Martínez Báguena.  Gave two concerts in Jaen, sharing the programme with the Banda Municipal de Jaen. Also awarded with the Medalla de Honor al Mérito de las Bellas Artes by the Real Academia de San Carlos de Valencia and a diploma for “Servicio a la Comunidad” by the Rotary Club. The Orchestra also participated in numerous charities:  prominent amongst them, a concert offered for the benefit of the victims of the flood in 1957 in Valencia; in 1995 collaborated with the Rotary Club of L´Eliana in a concert held in the Sala Iturbi del Palau de la Música de Valencia for the benefit of the Hermanas de San Vicente de Paul, de San Antonio and de Benageber and in 1998 for the benefit for the works in the rehabilitation of santuary of our patron San Miguel. In 1999 held a concert in the Castillo de Bellver in Mallorca offered for the closing of the festivals in the island; playing in October in the same year in Aranjuez. In 2000 performed a serie of concerts, oustandingly the performance in Baza (Granada). In 2003 collaborated with Radio Televisión Valenciana in the recording of the programme “Així són i així sonen” conducted by Bernardo Adam Ferrero, newly performed in the Palau de la Música de Valencia. The most oustanding amongst the concerts held in 2004, was that held in Villarreal interpreted by the soprano Mercedes Jorge Serra and the soloist double bassist Jesús Romero Redondo gave in Torrepacheco (Murcia) and in Valladolid. On 25th June 2006 the orchestra celebrated its fiftieth anniversary.  Outstanding amongst the commemorative events was the concert interpreting works composed exclusively for the occasion by prestigous composers like Jose María Garcia Montalt, Jesús Muñoz Monterde, David Francés Revert, Bernardo Adam Ferrero and Rafael Talens Pelló.  The performance concluded with the orchestral hymn interpreted jointly with the mixed choir of the Conservatorio Municipal de Valencia “Jose Iturbi”.  For the grand finale, D. Enrique García conducted the Hymn of Valencia which was sung by the soprano Dª. Mercedes Jorge Serra. The orchestra gave numerous concerts accompanying outstanding solists: Inshun Park (guitarist), Amparo Navarro (soprano), Javier Galán (baritone), Mercedes Jorge Serra (soprano), Antonio Gómez (tenor), Jesús Romero Redondo (double bassist), Verónica Gómez Faubel (cello) and Gómez de Edeta (horn). Prestigous maestros have conducted the orchestra which has also the honour of conductors like Don  José María Cervera Lloret(  ), Don Francisco Cebrián Ruiz (   ) y Don  Rafael Talens Pelló. This orchestral group counts on an extensive repertoire consisting of works covering all styles, interpretation of works of the baroque period, classics as well as contemporary including Valencian folk music.  Preserving in its archives are some works written specially for the orchestra.