Sunday 25th June 2006 began the commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the orchestra.  At 10:00 hours in the Real Monasterio de San Miguel a celebratory mass was led by the Rvdo. D. José Alonso Tomás offering prayers to our deceased Founders and Associates.  At the end of the service the congreagation  descended San Miguel and went directly to the premises of the orchestra to see a photographic exposition intended for a return in history, from the beginning of the group until today.  It showed the most important images and trophies during the last fifty years.  Then at 12:30 hours in the Arts and Sciences Association( Ateneo) Musical Banda Primitiva of Lliria it was held the eagerly awaited gala of literary-musical where musicians, members, supporters and personalities in the world of music and culture like Manuel Silvestre Montesinos “Silvestre de Edeta”, Enrique García Asensio, Bernardo Adam Ferrero, Juan Manuel Gómez “Gómez de Edeta”, Rafael Talens, etc, reunited to pay homage to all the people who have during the previous 50 years created the orchestra Orquesta de Plectro  “El Micalet”.